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Keith Walking Floor manufacture at their site in Oregon USA and make parts for all of the large walking floor trailer manufacturers in Europe such as Knapen, Legras, BMI Trailers, STAS and Titan Trailers. Their walking floors are used to unload bulk materials such as asphalt, tarmac, glass, sand, stone, food wastes and landfill wastes.

Keith Walking Floor Keith Walking Floor

Newton Trailers Limited - as partners and service agents to Keith Walking Floor - are the largest Walking Floor parts and spares retailer in the UK. We began as Newton Commercials in 1964 and sold our first Keith Walking Floor system in 1986. We started working with Keith Foster – who gave Keith Walking Floor their name and we found him a tremendously helpful and considerate partner. Now as Newton Trailers Limited we stock almost every part for every Keith Walking Floor system supplied into Europe. European models vary in their parts content from Canadian and USA supplied trailers. For example, Titan Trailers Inc of Canada have Running Floor II systems that have different Keith components to the European models and are the number 1 Keith floor trailer in the UK. One of the purposes of this website is to give clear data and explanations for customers to find their Keith parts as quickly and accurately as possible.

Keith’s early systems were based off three cylinders moving 24 floor planks. They now do a very large range of floor systems and plank choices to suit very specific products all the way through to general bulk movements.

We have a dedicated parts team who you can call and troubleshoot your problems and purchase your parts. We have on site 8 full time technicians trained in diagnostics and repair of Keith Walking Floor equipment.

As a service agent to Keith Walking Floor we are happy to service and supply any Keith Floor system in any trailer manufacturer. We can supply small parts or service and refurbish complete floor systems for you. If you wish we can remove a complete floor, loan you a service trailer and put your trailer back onto the road in just 2 days.

We hope you enjoy this dedicated Keith Walking Floor Parts website and we welcome feedback how to maintain and improve our service to you.

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